Electronic Cigarette

These days just about every aspect of human life has been enhanced by various technological acheivements so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sooner or later somebody would find a way to use todays technological advances to bring electronic cigarettes into the 21st century.

Electronic cigarettes or at least the concept, design, and description as we know them today ws first authored by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 who’s goal was to create a smokeless and non-tobacco cigarette that could provide a safe way for people to enjoy the benefits of smoking without having to face the risks associated with tobacco smoke. But since the technology had not yet become advanced enough to facilitate this process and because tobacco smoke wasn’t known to be as dangerous as it is today the concept as never fully brought to market.

Today there are many different electronic cigarettes available on the market from many different manufacturers each with their own unique design and features but despite the wide range of options and features today’s electronic cigarettes all share a few common components that are essential for a functional e-cigarette. The first component is called the cartridge which is a small plastic container that has an opening on each side. The first side is the part that actually goes up to a persons mouth while the other connects to the next component which is called the atomizer.

The cartridge is a very important piece because it has a dual function of allowing a users mouth to be placed on the cigarette but at the same time not allowing any of the liquid from the atomizer to rise up into the persons mouth since the liquid is far too potent and foul tasting to be absorbed by the tongue directly. The liquid is blocked by using a thick sponge like material that keeps liquid out of the upper chambers but at the same time allows the actual vapor from the electric cigarette to pass through and be smoked.

The next component is the atomizer which is connected to the cartridge, the atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that heats up the liquid and creates the vapor that is smoked. The other side of the atomizer is hooked up to the power source via a filament that provides the e cigarette the electricity it needs in order to operate. Since it is an electric component, the filament does tend to burn out and go bad over time so it is one of the pieces of the electric cigarette that must be replaced after a certain amount of time which results in a ongoing cost for maintenance and use of the device.

One solution that has been introduced to this problem by a few electronic cigarette makers is known as a “cartomizer” which is a hybrid blend of a cartridge and atomizer rolled into a single component. The advantage of these cartomizers is that they are much easier and cheaper to replace than a standalone atomizer so when a unit does degrade over time you can simply switch them out for a fraction of the price. The downside is that not all e cigarette makers use this type of system but more and more manufacturers are making the switch.

The last and final piece that completes the physical components of the electronic cigarette is the power source, it still surprises some people but yes these electric cigarettes actually require a source of power in order to function! The most common power sources are the same ones found any electronic device but the most common form of power for these devices is through a rechargeable battery that can simply be plugged in when its running low on power. Some of the earlier electronic cigarette kits only had wired AC or USB powered units but those are quickly becoming a thing of the past since it’s no secret that people don’t want to be tied next to an outlet in order to smoke. But if you’re on a budget or maybe want to try out an e cigarette for the first time the wired units do provide a very economical way of taking the e cigs for a first time test drive.

So those are the main components that make up a physical electronic cigarette but there is one more crucial aspect of the e cigarettes that you don’t usually see and that’s the liquid. The liquid inside electronic cigarettes is used to produce the vapor that is smoked and come in a very wide variety of flavors with many different types of ingredients. For example if you’re somebody who’s maybe trying to cut back on your nicotine intake there are liquid kits that have an array of different sets of weeks and as you progress through each set/week the amount of nicotine is slowly lowered and lowered until it becomes very minimal. On the other hand if you’re somebody who enjoys a strong amount of nicotine with smooth taste of vanilla you can find a liquid pack that offers that too. There are also some more exotic flavors and mixtures, such as dijon mustard and cookies and cream.

The liquids are available in both bottled form which allow you to simply refill empty cartridges and liquid packs to disposable and travel sized cartridges that you can just throw away like you would a normal cigarette. Most of the time you’ll find that the bottled form will give you more bang for your buck but people who travel or who want to enjoy their electronic cigarettes in areas where normal cigarettes may have been banned such as on buses or in non smoking areas tend to go with the disposable liquid packs.